Are you willing to know the process of muting or unmuting someone on Instagram?

Why Do People Mute Someone on Insatgram?

The question may arise in people's minds that what causes the need of muting someone. There are numerous answers that you will have if you ask it from several people. But the answers you will have from most people are listed below for your better understanding. So, let's have a look at them.

Number 1:

It may be because you are in terms with someone but do not like to see their posts or whatever takes place in their lives.

Number 2:

It may be because you are linked because of some business and are following each other for work affairs. And you are not interested in their personal lives or knowing anything about them that you feel is unimportant for you to know.

Number 3:

The other cause of muting someone is that you are annoyed to view their posts or stories of doing this or that. And you do not want to know how they are boasting off.

Number 4:

Another cause of muting we have here is that you don't want to make those people realize that you are not interested in whatever they post. Muting someone will not let them know that you have muted them. So, it's a gentle way of avoiding your interaction with them.

Number 5: The other reason we have over here is that you do not want to indulge in social media use and want to restrict yourself from using your phone or Instagram. It may be because you have a lot of stuff to do with your studies, work, etc. There may be your exams or some tests that you want to clear with distinction, and that's why you are muting someone to resist yourself from all the distractions.

There may be many other things also that may have made it essential for you to mute someone. It may be like you have fought with your friend and do not want to view their posts, stories, or even messages to show your anger for some time (LOL). It's childish, but all this happens with friends, and we can not tease anyone for this. In today's social media interaction with other people, our relations and friendships also have turned to virtual ones.

How Is Muting Better Than Unfollowing?

Muting someone on IG is more courteous than unfollowing someone. But it has some exceptions like, if you unfollow their accounts and you were never in contact with them and had never interacted with their post, it might not have any impact on the person even if you unfollow them. It will be just as one number falling from their follower numbers. It won't affect them personally too much.

But, if you know each other quite well and still do not want to interact with them on Instagram, muting is the best option that you have in that case. Today, we live in a world where the whole world is socializing with one another from the social media network. Even if we can not meet someone, relation maintains because we can have audio and video calls and through chats, etc. We get to know about what is going in their lives by looking at their stories, status, and other feeds on social media. In that situation, if you unfollow someone with who you are familiar in person, it will make them feel that you do not want to keep any relation and interaction with them. It will worsen the situation to such an extent that the scenario will become weird for both of you, and even after some time you want to reconnect with them, you won't gather the courage easily to do that.

5 Steps to Mute Someone on Instagram

There are five easy steps that you can follow if you wish to mute someone's account from your IG. Follow the following steps to do so.

Step 1:

Unlock your mobile and open your Instagram account.

Step 2:

Find Ig profile of that person from your chat area, his posts, or by searching for his username.

Step 3:

Tap the ellipses that you will see right after the username of that person.

Step 4:

Find the option of mute from the other choices that will pop up after tapping that ellipses.

Step 5:

Tap that mute option, and that person will be muted from your account.

What If You Do Not Want To Keep That Person Muted After Some Time?

If you have accidentally muted someone or, after some time, do not want to keep that account muted anymore, you can unmute it. After unmuting, you will be able to view the posts, stories, and feeds off that person and enjoy your interaction with them as before.

5 Steps to Unmute Someone on Instagram

The unmuting process also does not takes effort, and you can do that with easy steps. Follow the instructions that we give you and you can unmute the account to interact and engage with their content as you were used to before muting. The five steps that you need to follow for this are as follows:

Step 1:

Open your mobile phone and then your account on Instagram.

Step 2:

Search for their profile by searching for their Instagram username.

Step 3:

Now, look up the following button over there and tap that.

Step 4:

Tap the option of unmuting that will appear on your mobile screen.

Step 5:

Confirm the process of unmuting by checking that the button turned from grey to blue or not. If it turned its color to blue, it means the profile has unmuted for your account.


Muting someone can really save you from any guilt of hurting someone, and you can avoid your interaction without any impolite act. We hope that you can now mute or mute someone from your account with our easy steps.

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