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Without wasting the time to tell you the context, let’s get you familiar with the useful features on Instagram launched at the end of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. Speaking logically, more than a billion people worldwide are the stakeholders of latest updates from Instagram. Above all, Instagram is a safe haven for the individuals, brands, corporations, marketers and influencers. Read briefly about the new Instagram features released during the last six months and try learning them for infinite organic growth.

PROFESSIONAL DASHBOARD is the control hous

This features has brought real convenience for the users in 2021. Inside Professional Dashboard button, you would find unbelievably desired tools: insights, performance, shopping, promotions, content approvals, and saved replies. Instagram team, through very this feature, assists the whole community in improving individual marketing strategies and promotional plan.

STORY STICKERS leave your audience surprised

Story Stickers have always been loved by the users. Recently, Instagram have unleashed a new range of mesmeric stickers which you could use for multifarious occasions. These stickers upscale interaction of audience. Now the users are able to freely use either a Stay Home Sticker or a DM Me Sticker for effective experience and feedback. The new stickers are ready to use for ordering food, challenging a follower, and asking for the support for a legitimate objective.

FACEBOOK SHOP is accessible through Instagram

Since Instagram and Facebook are owned by the same entity, Facebook Shop is directly available through the opened gates of Instagram. In 2021, you could integrate your Instagram and Facebook accounts to go fast on activities. This feature allows formulation of product catalogues, discounted listings, lively background colours, faster user interaction, quick posting and secure order taking.

INBOX DIVISION helps you sort our messages

If you are performing well at Instagram, your inbox may distract your attention for having a large number of messages from the followers, customers and information seekers. Organizing such messages becomes a rigorous activity. Instagram has solved the problem by dividing your inbox into three main layers: primary, general and requests. The messages from your followers would land in primary section of your inbo

SUGGESTED UNFOLLOWS is a great help in 2021

The diversity of human attitudes is as complex as human beings themselves. There comes a time when a representative user wants to unfollow a few among his current followers for some definite reason. Instagram now suggests you unfollows based on your settings. You could unfollow from the “Least Interacted With” list independently

REMOVE FOLLOWERS option keeps you safe

Previously, blocking a follower seemed like a punitive action from the users. In order to optimize the practice, Instagram has leveraged the removal of followers. It is as easy as counting. Go to the list of your followers. You would find a Remove button against each follower. Taking help from Instagram features launched in 2021 would rank you higher on the explore page and help you optimize your account for startling success.