With the introduction of handy shops, Instagram business team has created ease to sell online – a huge kick indeed to the startups and SMEs especially. With a competitive Instagram shop, you could reach around a billion people to engage them and finally sell your products and services in a super fair manner. Before you setup an exclusive shop, consider the fact that 250 million users like and follow at least one business. This justification is enough to initiate the process of creating an Instagram shop.

Assess your eligibility

In order to be eligible for opening an Instagram shop, you have to fulfill certain requirements set by Instagram business team. First, ensure that Instagram allows full features of the website in your country of business. Read and follow the entire manual on Instagram Ecommerce Policies. See where you stand! Since Instagram restricts the sale of services initially, you could choose from the list of Eligible Physical Goods. If you do not find your product on the list of eligible items, you could talk to the Instagram officials for assistance. Visit https://www.facebook.com/business/instagram/shopping/guide for step-by-step guide on how to setup an Instagram shop.

Create your shop

Create your first Instagram shop by connecting your Facebook and Instagram business pages. It is an easy task and hardly takes a few minutes. To achieve integration of these profiles, you could either use Catalogue Manager or take help from recognized Facebook Partners. Search your Facebook Partner here https://www.facebook.com/business/marketing-partners if you are looking for professional assistance.

By now, you deserve congrats for successfully integrating your Instagram business account and catalogue! Follow these steps now:

  • Login to the Instagram business account using app
  • Go to the Settings
  • Choose Business category
  • Click Instagram Shopping

Instagram business team, after receiving your intentional application for creating shop, would put your request under review and you would be informed within a couple of days. Once you receive the approval notification from Instagram, you could complete the necessary fields to finish with your shop.

Post and propagate your products

You could now post your branded product listings. It would be good if your fill in all the fields while posting your products: name, price, features and warranties of the product. Instagram allows tagging the products in the posts: five products for an individual post and twenty for a carousel post. In order to get maximum results, the idea of tagging products in Instagram stories and adding compelling stickers is a wise decision. Use all the legit tactics to enhance the reach of your product posts to get an adequate level of customer engagement.

Sell with freedom

Now you could sell with elegance by receiving payments to Facebook’s permitted payment gateways. Keep on adding products to the list and try to reach a large number of target customers. If you buy Instagram followers UK at this stage, your sales graph may go up at a quicker pace. It would increase your followers and hence the visibility of your products to a wide range of users who come from your target countries.

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